Boardtech Integration Canada 

Professional PCB Design Services

Design Process

PCB Layout Process : 

  • Acquire all information needed, reviewing and verifying the accuracy.
  • schematic capture and netlist generation (if not done yet)
  • Create part library for the project
  • PCB component placement
  • Submit intermediate placement to engineer for reviewing. This is usually a discussion-modification process until get approval on final placement.
  • PCB routing. PCB designer and engineer must maintain adequate and frequent communication during the routing process.
  • Complete PCB layout, finalize all documents.

Information Needed for A Design Order

  • Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Final Netlist
  • Hardcopy (or electronic version) of Schematics
  • Data sheets for special parts, if any.
  • Any special instructions on layer stack-up (i.e. Signal, Ground & Power Planes) and plane splitting
  • Any drawing/detailed scratch showing board shape, size, and mounting mechanism, or heat sink, etc. 
  • Silkscreen text identification, including Part Numbers and Revisions
  • Any signals requiring special routing
  • Any placement requirements or restrictions (Placement ideas is greatly helpful).

    Documents Delivered with A Design Order

  • standard PCB fabrication files (Gerber & NC-Drill in standard formats)
  • Schematics and BOM if the schematic capture process involved in the design order
  • Assembly drawings
  • Assembly machine pick-place data file
  • Solder paste stencil files
  • Other optional files as client required.